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Friday, October 24, 2008

I did my part as a citizen and a person who is concerned with what is happening in the world. I voted yesterday. I had to get my absentee vote in before the actual election day... which is a bit odd to vote before all the details are in. I mean, what if the person I voted for drops out of the election? Then what? ah.. wont happen, its just weird to be "prepared" so far in advance. Although, it was really really REALLY nice to cast my vote in peace & quiet and not have to drive around for 25 minutes looking for a parking spot, or to get hassled by those people who dangle the signs and hand out brochures at the curb. Ah! Survived another election. Now if only people would stop sending me election jokes, and crap on the emails. Enough already... I voted... I cant change my mind, and your crappy email certainly isnt going to change it either way. I think I am smart enough to not be swayed by the mere email crap being distributed.

Go vote, its worth it. I recall a teacher at college saying to us, "If you dont vote, you have NO right to bitch." Its true. So, go on.... do your duty as a concerned person who breathes in air and has to be in this world... lets try to make it liveable, go vote! I did.

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GooChick said...

Congratulations and thanks for doing it!