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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its about someone else

Theres a guy at work who has a nickname of "Captain Chaos". It fits him perfect.

Oh, the reason this blog today is about Captain Chaos is because I just cant bear to run my week thru my head again... im SO over it.... thank gawd its thursday today.

So, back to Captain Chaos....

No... not that Captain Chaos pictured above...


Captain Chaos is home yesterday afternoon and decides to vacumm his apartment/unit. After 2 swipes of the carpet, he notices a funny smell from the vacumm. As hes bent over looking at the vacumm, BAM an explosion and the vacumm shits itself. It has left dirt and contents blown about the place from the bottom of the machine. Captain Chaos opens up the inside bits, to find the vacumm full of water. He then remembers that his place had a water leak from the water pipes, and his closet was HIGHLY affected by mass amounts of water. Must have had the vacumm in the closet then....

So after a few "choice" words and being frustrated with the vacumm, Captain Chaos decides to dust the entertainment centre. He goes to move the tv just a bit so he can dust underneath the unit, and pulls a bit to hard on the plugs. In fact, just that little bit too much that the plug from the TV is no longer there. Captain Chaos figures not really a big deal, he doesnt watch all that much TV.

He grabs the piece of glass that all his crap sits on and goes to move the piece of glass to give it a clean. You can see where this is going cant you? Sure enough, the glass shatters, sending glass everywhere possible into his hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom, AND his shoe rack, the living room...its everywhere.

One would normally get the vacumm to clean up the mess, but alas the vacumm shat itself moments before the TV.

With nothing more to do as Captain Chaos is not wanting to really do more domestic jobs as so far his luck is not fairing well, he sits down on the couch to relax and watch some TV.

Oh wait. No TV. Damn, he realizes he does watch a bit of TV.

Its sad to say, but I thought the story was hilarious. Maybe it was just because someone else had a crappy day too. Either way, things happen in 3 so hopefully Captain Chaos can have a peaceful night tonight.

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