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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now you want to?

I dont really like to do jump on the celebrity bandwagon and blog about it, but when I stumbled upon this photo, I feel the need to say something.

First off, its Miley Cyrus (sp?) and her dad Billy Ray. Some may be more familiar with this description: its the dad who whored out his kid so he could still have money. Daddy spent all his money from that achey breaky heart ‘tune’ doing all sorts of things, and once his daughter was old enough to exploit (he watched McCauley Caulkins family and decided to wait a few more years then they did) daddy threw the kid into the spotlight and renamed her. Hannah Montana. 

It sickens me how many people know this crap. It sickens me that I know this crap. It sickens me more that the guy at my local IGA deli was telling me about his kids fascination with the show and music of H.M. 

Do I look like I care? No. NO. NO. Anyway, back to the funny… so while daddy & moneytree are wandering the beach and moneytree is wearing a skimpy bikini (of course, NOT looking for attention or anything) daddy FINALLY becomes protective…. have a looksy:


Isnt that cute? After all that exploitation, err, um… advancement of your kids career, you FINALLY decide to get serious and point at people with that stern look. Cracks me up!  I am sure he will now try to charge, err, um, ask his kid for more financial support, err, um rent due to his great bodyguard techniques.

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