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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stick it there please

So, I am going to acupuncture and physio to help my knees and avoid surgery. So far, good progress. However, the last few weeks, I seem to have this feeling where I want to grab my foot and pull it behind me up to my ear. To stretch my muscles in my leg. I just can not get satisfied with a normal stretch. And, lets be honest, I can not, under any circumstances bend my foot to my ear behind me.

Today I had an acupuncture appt. I told my situation and although its not a setback, its not progressing like we all wish it would. Ugh.

Over 50 needles into my legs today. The needles look something like this: 
And then for more effectiveness, we have this machine which attaches to 12 of the needles to create a stronger effect. Its similar to a TENS machine in that it pulses and can be adjusted with the levels of strengths or weakness to which is most comfortable.

So, my legs look like this colorful picture:
I couldnt feel one of the pulses connected to the needle. She would turn it up a bit more. Nothing. Bit more. Nothing. More. Nothing. Mind you, the other needles attached to the machine were pulsing away to the most strength I could have handled for the 25 minutes duration. Except this one. So, she cranks it up… a bit too much and sends my arms waving, blood rushing to my head and a slight scream came out to which she panicked and turned it down. Hilarious. Probably doesnt sound hilarious, but when your waiting for the sensation to happen, and you get nodda.. and then you do and its way more powerful than you expected or can handle, holy sheet… mama look out! We finally got it sorted and at the right strength, but not after both of us had a minor heart attack. Remember, my legs are FULL of needles and I can not move them. 


Well, we will see if 50 needles in the leg does any wonders this week. They are feeling wonderful at the moment, so can only go one day at a time. As I am learning, this is not going to be a quick process. However, its not as painful as it use to be. I can walk much better and stronger than I could before, and its really nice to not buckle at the knees for no reason now. One day at a time folks. One day at a time.

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Tilda said...

I think you should videotape your next session. Always seems to be an interesting appt.