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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Days

It was a perfect rainy type of day here. It rained most of last night and until just after 8ish this morning. I had actually gotten to sleep in a bit this morning too. Nothing like hearing rain drops to keep you in bed on a saturday morning!

After a few adventures for the day, I settled in for a movie. I picked up the movie “Henry Lee Lucas”.  I was in the video store wandering thru a bunch of titles and came across this movie. I picked it up in my hands, and it instantly reminded me of reading the book – as a teenager. It was gruesome and full of anything you wanted, to take your imagination to various depths.


I really liked stories about crime back then (still do). I remember wanting to be a crime forensics investigator or a lawyer … anything along those lines. I was intrigued by WHAT made people do certain things. I was bewildered HOW some people thought. I was amazed by the REASONS people gave for doing things.


When I read about Henry Lee Lucas, I was still in high school. The book told of his life and his murders that he committed. Some of the murders were with a man named Otis Toole. Others, he committed solely by himself. He confessed to over 3000 murders in the USA, but many people didnt really believe that he killed most of them. Some people thought it was for the thrill of being given attention, something Henry Lee Lucas hadnt had as a child. Some people are really convinced that he killed all those people. Whatever the case, he is known for being one of the most notorious Serial Killers to this day.

Whether he actually killed all those people or not will only be known to him. It is certain that he killed his mother when she was 64 years of age.  As for the others, its really a mystery. He was sentenced to death in Texas. Otis was sentenced to six life sentences in Florida.


So.. back to the movie store.. while the video is in my hands, I get this urge to want to see the movie. What would I have forgotten? What was it about this story that intrigued me at the library to read it? And then, the thought of ‘shit this is messed up and I read it as a kid?’ came into my head too.


I rented it. Got home and watched it. There were a few things I had forgotten about in the story. I must admit, it was a good movie. Mr. Antonio hunkalot is in it too… as Henry Lee Lucas!

At the end of the movie, it states that Otis died in prison and that one of the Presidents of the Bush entourage changed Henry Lee Lucas’ sentence to life in prison. He died in a Texas prison in 2001.  Somehow, during the movie, I still couldnt come up with a verdict on whether or not he did indeed kill all those people. I remember reading the book thinking he must of, but I was a bit naive at the time too due to age.  So, I guess it still remains a bit of a mystery.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great you were able to find the movie. Kinda takes you back to days of teenage moments/memories. Must have been a great book to still remember it now,,couple years later:-) So how soon do you think the book will come out on the Caloundra murder?? Probably be able to watch the movie with your parents in the nursing home.