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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Days of Past



When I was a kid I had so much fun with these little things. Our yard was full of them, and that was probably due to me blowing them all over the yard.. hehe. opps!

I have just discovered that my ex-fiancé has gotten married. And they are pregnant. WHAT THE FUCK? Serious?

Let’s get something straight before we go ANY further: I live in a diff country than he does. I have no feelings like that love crap towards him anymore. I was told by a dear friend that he felt I was ‘settling’ if I married said person. I ended the relationship, not the other way around. We caught up once, and it was apparent that no love was lost from either of us. I still smoked, that shit him and he still had some stupid arrogance about him that shitted me. So, this news isnt awkward to me cuz Im still in love or any of that crap.


But, when you make plans to share a life with someone, it still impacts you a little bit. It is weird to think that he is with someone else. It was supp to be my dream with him. Not HERS. Granted, it ended up not being a dream, more of a drain on my life.. but still.. the point is its strange to hear the news about your ex.


And than there is that part of me that goes.. Im still single. Hes not. No biggie. I actually LOVE being single. I havent stumbled upon anyone who really has changed my mind. Until they walk into my life, Im so in love with my life as a single person, and 100% happy with the choices I have made to stay single.

But holy shit, said person done got married, having ANOTHER kid… wow. Our lives are so different. The things that we ended up with or wanting are so different. It makes you wonder what the 2 of us saw as common in the first place. He said he wanted to travel. I love to travel. I have, he hasnt. Kids were never discussed really (we were young) and it was one of those things that if it happened, it was the way it was to be. But, now he has a kid by some accident (or so he told me of a drunken night with a girl he hates) and now hes gotten this one preggers. And married her.




Our lives have taken way different journeys.

Thank goodness I am on the path I am on.  So, said person, I wish you well. I wish you happiness and contentment in your life. I hope you find everything you were looking for (and lost). 

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Anonymous said...

consider yourself sooooo VERY LUCKY!!!!