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Tuesday, May 11, 2010




I have neglected this blog for a bit, and for that Im sorry. Back to the grind of it!


Work has been bizarre, crazy & insanely frustrating at the best of moments. Selling? Yes. No. Yes. No. Overprice ourselves. Ask too much money. Try to salvage our ‘good name reputation’ due to a variety of circumstances. Sell NOW. Wait. Hurry to get information. No. No sale.

Then, in the same breath, maybe a workable agreement. ? Seriously, what the heck is going on? How am I supp to manage all this?  There is the part of me that wants to go elsewhere, but due to some travelling commitments and visitors coming, if I can hold out until the new year, it would be great. If they could hold out until then, thats great too. But then the stress and frustration comes and I just want to pack it up that day. 

Maybe most of us feel that way about work? I dont know.  Im so baffled by all the latest developments, or lack of developments, that I think my head is just spinning with it all.

Went to the PT today and was great. Painful – on slightly. Good news is that my biking is going well for my recovery of my knees. We had grinding yet, but its better than it was. Good news, it was 3 weeks since my last appt so its good to know that my progress is actually going somewhere positive! And, my change in how I am doing things with my knees, walking, etc is working.  Lots of work, but hey, has to be done. Surgery is not an option that I like, and with the progress I can see and FEEL, I am pleased that I hadnt booked in for surgery when it was suggested.

I have done a bit of home redecorating and loving it. Nothing major, but a few adjustments which I really like. And special thanks to my fantastic friends who donated 2 gorgeous and comfy chairs to the ‘InALittleMinute Redecoration Fund’.  They even came with footstools… Monroe is loving it. Although the first 2 days she had difficulties with the new chair. See, it replaced the recliner which was big and chunky, with a sleek chair.  Monroe previously loved to sit on the back of the recliner and take naps… imagine the first jump onto the new sleek chair and not work… yep.. Monroe did this clumsy half ass ‘save myself’ jump and landed about 2 feet away from the chair. Not once. Not twice. FOUR times. Each followed by a nasty ass chewing directing straight at me. Luckily, I think I have convinced her the footstool is more comfy. We will see… she likes to make up her own mind on things. All in time.

In fact, Im still waiting for her to fall madly in love with the sheepskin rug I bought for her.  Still waiting. Now, when I look at the rug on the couch (its not really a rug, but a large square) all I see is a blaring large price stating $32.50 wasted! Damn it. I try to convince myself she lays on it when Im at work. Trying. Instead, I only see her hide her plastic mice under there and then charge at it to uncover her loved mouse and fling it in the air.

How do you make a cat understand that its not a toy, its supp to comfy for her. Ugh.

I have had a few good bits of news these past few weeks:

  • friend coming to visit for a holiday
  • booked a holiday… RELAXING holiday
  • progress going well on my knees
  • put the shoe shelf together
  • packed away some clothes in the closet

So, all in all, I think this is going to be a really good year. My birthday is coming up .. in July… but somehow it seems as people have these targets set for people when they reach a certain age.


Kids, house, hubby, picket fence…. etc

My milestones: great life, lots of love, fantastic friends & family, stability in my own thoughts,… all sorts of things that make me think Im on the right track. And, my milestones are going quite fine. I certainly dont need to follow the norm of the milestones society sees fit. Afterall, I do like to rebel a bit.

So, Im back on the blog. Trust me. See you tomorrow.

Oh, How I Have Missed You.



GooChick said...

I like your attitude and your milestones! I followed the norm and did the kids, hubby and white picket it's on to the great life, lots of love, fantastic friends and family!

Anonymous said...

soooo glad you're back! Your milestones sound pretty healthy!