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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Advice

So while I was minding my own business this weekend… waiting patiently in the aisle to purchase my groceries, I was given ‘advice’ from a complete stranger.

Now, before we go ANY further, its important to note that most often I can have some facial expressions which I do not realize occur. For instance, while I am thinking to myself “are you F***N crazy?” sometimes, it can almost be translated by my expression on my face. Especially if you know me. I usually am unaware of this skill as its happening.

So, back to the aisle. The long checkout aisle. As I wait with my 5 items in my hand and wonder why only 1 person is working the registers on a public holiday and a packed store…. I see a child running all around the front of the store.


It sort of went something like this:

Automatic Doors… run in run out.

Plow into person walking into store who is unaware of the child whose parents are unwilling to acknowledge.

Jump onto the metal railing near the register.

Smack your parent and demand a piece of candy from the stack of goodies eyeing the kid in the face.

Stumble into the person waiting in front of said parent who is unaware that the child is about to run straight up her behind because kid is not being looked after and running into things.

Hit your head on my shopping basket… Oh, didnt I move it as you ran past me for the 12th time as you decided to train for the marathon in the store? Opps. Your bad.

So, this was just a few of the incidents from the child during the short wait to purchase items.

Suddenly, the lady behind me says “Is that your little child?” all innocent and such.

Which started a conversation something like this:

Me: “NO. My child would never behave like that.”

Her: “Ah, its just a bit of fun.”

Me: “No, its not fun, its unruly, and bad behaviour and bad parenting. A kid cant stand still next to the mother for a few moments. Sad really.”

Her: “How many children do you have?”

Me: “None. I have a cat.”

Her: “Oh, its the best thing you can ever do is to have children.”

Me: (Starting to get flushed in the face and trying to contain myself) LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING and then stating, “How do you know whats best for me?  Certainly isnt a child like that? I can think of better things to do with my time & life.”

And then the cashier motions me to her register.

Now, I know, some of you may have children. Actually, I like children. Just not children who are ill-behaved, rude, or not managed by their parents. See, I have this belief that if you want to spill something out of your snatch, you SHOULD really take care of it. Be responsible, teach it about life, priorities, manners, etc. DO NOT EXPECT OR ALLOW OTHERS TO RAISE YOUR CHILD FOR YOU.

Anyway, I was quite offended that some random stranger tells me that having a kid would be the best thing I would ever do in life. For one, you dont know me. You dont know my situation. You dont know my family background. You dont know my finances. You dont have a friggin clue about me. But you know whats best for me? Yeah.

And lets say that I was a person who had a strong desire to have a child. I went to IVF process’ and even adoption agencies. But due to circumstances out of my control, or beyond my bodies capabilities, I was unable to have a child. By birth or otherwise. Dont you think its a bit INSANE or RUDE to be saying the best thing I could do with my life is to have a child. Talk about salt to the wound.

I am not going to get into the reasons I do not have a child. Its personal. Its my business, and I do not have to broadcast it to anyone who I would rather not. But I do think that since I do not have a child at present (aside from my cat) I dont understand why I cant be doing great things with my life. Shit, for all this lady knew, I could have been working on the latest HIV/AIDS serum which would cure her unborn grandson someday…. Im just saying….

So to the lady in the grocery store… You deserve the Fuckwit Award for your comment.. cuz I dont see this as the BEST THING I COULD DO WITH MY LIFE….


Yeah, just not seeing it. And let me live my life. Im certainly not bothering you by how I live it. Now, Im not saying you shouldnt have kids, Im just saying, dont tell me about how my life will be incomplete without them. Cuz frankly, I find my life pretty damn good & fulfilling. Life is what you make of it.


GooChick said...

"...if you want to spill something out of your snatch, you SHOULD really take care of it"

Funniest thing Ive heard all day, and I couldn't agree more!

I respect people who know, for whatever reason, that they do not want children. There are too many people out there who do it simply because they feel it's the norm and we all suffer for it in the long run.

Anonymous said...


Daisy said...

omgosh - LOVE this post!! I can't stand poorly behaved children either - and I was getting frustrated just READING about that kid - thank GOODNESS I wasn't there!!!

I hope your knees are feeling better!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh where oh where have you gone? Its May!!!no entry???