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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It seems that whether its friends or workers, or the check out chick at the store.. we all judge a bit. We all make a choice in the selection of people who want to surround us.

For instance, if there 2 Check Out Chicks at CashMeGo’s foodstore waiting to help me and 1 of them looks like she has no care in her appearance and has stringy greasy hair, and the other 1 has snot dripping down her nose and continues to rub her wrist over her nose to catch the snot… which one do you go to?

Cause here is my rationalization on that issue:

Girl 1: stringy greasy hair means she may have overslept for her job and couldnt wash her head. Or, like in Australia, I found out women with LONG hair tend to not wash it everyday as we do in the USA… mostly every few days. Eck. ECK. EEEECCCKKKK. anyway, culture difference moving on.  Maybe she is studying to be a doctor and was doing her internship at the hospital all night, and this is her job to put her thru school. Or maybe she just is nasty and doesnt like to look her best, or for that matter, hygienic, for her job.

Girl 2: lovely, please touch my money, my groceries, my bag, etc… please… and while your there with that snotty hand, go on, give me my receipt.  There are no excuses. Use a tissue damnit. Your touching my stuff… EEEECCCKKK.

So, what do you? You drop your selection of goodies on the floor, or walk away from the cart and run out of the store screaming… EEEECCKKKK while waving your hands in the air back and forth.

Ok, maybe not. But wouldnt it be great to see one of these signs one day…


1 comment:

GooChick said...

I'll take cashier #1, please.