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Saturday, April 10, 2010

City of Statues?

The other week I had to venture to my nearest “major city” for some government stuff. So, off on the train we go, set for the train ride which could either be from hell or liveable, all depending who is on the train, and if the vast majority decided to be presentable and shower for the event.

Seemed as all went well, there were 2 kids (ok, teenagers) who were a bit rude, but I think everyone just let them be and the teenagers thought they were all cool with their foul language and rude behaviour. However, had their parents been on the train, I think we would have all looked at them in disgust and shook our finger at their bad parenting ‘skills’.

But, smell wise, not so bad. You can tell we have had lots of rain lately, as everyone seems to shower (lots of people on tank water, and laziness too!) anyway, lots of people tend to show more when we have a few days/weeks of rain.

So, we venture into the city.. and I didnt realize that in the spot which I frequent when I need to do this government stuff is the amount of statues within my area.  I knew there were a few, but hadnt realized just how many. 

Obviously, a tribute to the servicemen & servicewomen.






And heres a little photo of some of the buildings…


I love this photo… its so cool how an older looking style of building can exist among the more modern business style buildings.


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JEZ said...

Funny, I just blogged about odor and now I read your smelly concerns! LOL. LOVE that last pic!