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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great night out

So, a few weeks ago, we had tickets to a fantastic show which airs on TV here in Australia. Its called RockWiz… and its basically a music trivia show. Plain & Simple, you either know it or you dont… if your a RockWiz fan, you ARE A FAN. If your not, you havent a clue what Im on about at the moment.

Either way, its a fantastic show with great talent, and 2 special guests (celebrity status) who are on stage with 4 people from the audience to answer a variety of questions. Some weeks I feel really intelligent, and other weeks.. well, other weeks I feel as if I have no musical credibility at all.

The show is on tour of the nation. Tickets for the show we attended sold out in 3 days. Amazing! 



It was such a fantastic night! I went with 3 of my favorite people as well, and the night was magnificent! 


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