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Sunday, April 25, 2010



Can you really be jealous of a picture of 2 cartoon drawings?


They look as if they are running around laughing, skipping away, jumping around…

I cant do any of that. Not at the moment anyway.

And it sucks. Not that I ran much… but you get my point.

My knees are hurting. They have. The process I am on seems to be working, but at the same time.. with this comes pain. And they friggin ache. Good news, Im not falling on my ass or looking like Im drunk anymore as my knees give out. They havent done that in a long time, not since this process started anyway. But they still ache. They kill.

And its making me grumpy. I know this.

And Im sure my friends are family are tired of hearing how my knees hurt, so I have tried to stop saying it. But F**K this pain has got to stop. It hurts to bend them, it hurts to keep them straight for too long.. it just bloody hurts.

And there isnt shit that can be done about it. I relaxed my usage on the pain meds (ibuprofen) trying to give my liver or kidneys or whatever it can damage so badly. I figure with the history of alcoholism in my family I dont really need to be damaging any of those organs more than they might be.

But, I think its time to get back to the grind and pop the pills for a few days. Im just wanting the pain to sub-side for a bit. Just a bit…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish you well in times of woe
I wish you well when times are high
My wish for you in the April sky
Is to yell at your pain to say GOODBYE!!

just popped into my head so thought i'd share it.
Hope you're soon bouncing around as Tigger needs a running buddy.