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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crims & Mugs

So.. I stumbled upon a newspaper that puts the mugshots of those held in jail over the last few days.. sadly, the following people were ‘unavailable’ to their partners needs over Valentines Day.

A variety of people could have had a nice little chat on dress, hair styles, occupations…etc while getting to know each other in that lovely concrete room while they were waiting to be bailed out.

For instance:

I think they have made a booking mistake, I think shes the one who has been beaten up, but according to the news article, she is one tough cookie! The original mugshot shows bruising and a bit of wear & tear 



creditcardfraud .

I think shes trying to scope out if the photographer has anything valuable in the bag that she can nab. Afterall, it just adds to the extensive list of credit card fraud and misc stealing charges which landed her the comfy spot on the bench for the night.


failr2appr Now, when your sitting in jail and posing for a MUGSHOT.. it is NOT the time to try to land that stripper job. This is not the arena to flash your looks of desire and lust to the camera person.. chances are if they are working for the police, they are much to busy to be having a second job of ‘prostitute portfolio’ or ‘dance lady’ snaps

As well…


“I’m here for failure to appear? Whats that? Im a good citizen, I always show for things.. Im here NOW arent I? Whatcha mean thats not good enuff?”



“I what? A warrant? Isnt that a band from the late 90’s with the big hair & makeup?”


Sorry to poke fun.. but you all dumbass’ landed yourselves there..and everyone needs a bit of humor, its raining outside for goodness sakes!


Anonymous said...

The first lady's picture looks real familiar. I think it could ALM
OST be a lady that lives on the river!

Mentally Incontinent said...

This is freaking priceless. Makes me feel much better about my own neighbors, at least.

JEZ said...

HAHAHA! Love this. We had a similar local website for Dakota county inmates. We play this game at work where we try to guess why they are incarcerated just by looking at the photo. It's usually Meth.