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Sunday, February 07, 2010


At present, my friends mother is in the hospital, waiting on news on whether or not a pacemaker can and will be fitted. As you can imagine, the feelings my friend is dealing with are full on.  You never want to see your parent in pain, and hopefully, the pacemaker will make things easier for her mother. As well, you worry about the stress and anxiety your parent must be going thru at this time. Top that off with all the pressures of worrying if shes okay each day, or will there be another episode and send her back to the hospital. So, as much as the idea of ‘hopefully something can be done’ its also got to be scary knowing the situation when someone elderly goes into surgery. 


My friend is dating someone whom I have never met. From what she describes of him to me, he seems like a caring and nice man.  My friend is in another state from where I live. My heart goes out to her with all this on her plate. But, its very nice knowing that she has someone near her, who cares for her, and who can offer support and give her a hug or make her laugh when she needs these most.


In previous years, she was dating someone who couldnt offer these things to her. He couldnt or didnt want to be there for her, well, not in the way you want your friends boyfriend to be there for them.  To say that Im thrilled that shes no longer with that particular person is certainly an understatement.

I guess in all this, its nice to know that she has found someone who is a decent person, who is willing to be there WITH her and give her a shoulder to lean on when needed.

My thoughts are with you my friend.

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Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful friend to even have this sort of compassion and empathy and the support of YOUR friendship is wonderful. You will be rewarded in GOOD!