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Friday, February 26, 2010


Do you remember me talking about my Yantra Mat? Well, Im here to tell you that I am 100% convinced it has been worth every single dollar spent. Aside from having the best nights sleep in over a decade after my first few times using it, I find that I really look forward to using it, EACH day… its amazing to feel your body warm up due to increased circulation when your laying on it. As well, I have noticed that it really helps for headaches, and back & neck pain.

I have also been using it to stimulate the blood flow in my legs, as part of a process to help my knee situation and avoid surgery. Im of the belief that its working great for this too!

Not everyone will belief the hype of the mat. But, I do.. and thats whats important. I find that its beneficial for me, and, along with the benefits, its also so damn relaxing… man oh man!

So.. get one. Quick. I think you will like it!


Anonymous said...

I've bought a Yantra mat and i must say, it does work wonders! Can't wait to get on it this evening! Go out and get yourselves one and enjoy the many benefits.

Daisy said...

thanks for the update!!! I might have to try one :)