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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hello my new friend



This is the Yantra Mat.. I have been reading all about it and have finally gotten one today (thanks to Tilda who was out and about and discovered where they were selling them!). 

I cant wait to try it out tonight. I will keep you posted on how things are going.  Here is a little synopsis of what the Yantra Mat is all about:

  • If you are stressed out, sleep poorly, have low energy, tense muscles, stiffness, headaches, back or neck pains, or simply need a better, more complete rest, then the Yantra mat could be the best thing for you. When you lie down and relax on the Yantra mat’s flowers, you will feel some temporary pain. After a short time, the pain subsides and endorphins and oxytocin are released within your body. Your body’s rush of its own pain-relieving and happiness hormones will give you a real sensation of enjoyment and tranquility. After only a few weeks, many users experience fantastic results with increased well-being and improved health from regularly using Yantramattan.” (from

So, from all that above, lets see: low energy? yep. tense muscles? yep. Stiffness? yep. Headaches? yep. back or neck pains? yep and yep. need more complete/better rest? Oh yep!  BRING IT ON BABY!

Keep you posted!

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Daisy said...

I can't wait to hear if it helps!!!