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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


it might be strange to "sell" yourself on the side of the highway.. but if you have the time and guts, you can do it!

Thats just what this guy did.. he hadnt had any work since December, and knew he couldnt rely on unemployment payslips, so he went out with a sign, and propped another sign up with his mobile phone number and went to the highway.

He was met with cheers and moral support, thumbs ups & heaps of honks!

Best of all, he starts work tomorrow as a brickie, all because he was motivated to get a job.

Great to see that spirit!


GooChick said...

"Brickie" is Australian for????

InALittleMinute said...


Sorry, sometimes I forget whats slang and whats not! Brickie is a person who lays bricks in the construction field.

Femin Susan said...

Its really funny....