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Monday, July 27, 2009 more.. tis too much WEIGHT for me to deal with

Now, I know as a female that sometimes we just chat about our weight. The lack of it, the too much of it, the healthy/non-healthy issues relating to it, the "Im going to get in shape & be healthy" routine... we do it. I get it. However.. I have had enough for a month. STOP BLOODY TALKING TO ME ABOUT WEIGHT.. I dont give a shit. Honest.

For some reason, I think I resemble the look of the Weight Watchers Councilor lately. I mean,WHY else would people keep coming up to me discussing their weight? I have not asked.. promise you. I figure your weight is your issue.. that is until you break my furniture or something, then, its my issue. But, until then, eat your hearts out or starve yourself. I dont care, I have too much other shit going on in life to be concerned with your caloric intake.


For some stupid reason, people are feeling the need to tell me their weight issues. The other day, PERSON 1 decides to tell me that after what was considered a normal conversation about nothing... (ya know the one.. how are you, what are you up to lately, how is the family... blah blah blah) PERSON 1 decides to let it roll of the tongue that they have lost (insert number here ) of weight and they are so happy.

Great for you. Dont remember asking or discussing ANYTHING related to that but hooray for you. Did you have issues with this or did you just feel like sharing?

Now, Im happy for said person. Obviously its a thing they needed to fix in their life, otherwise they would not be telling me this when the conversation isnt related.

THEN- meet PERSON 2. Walking along and having a meaningless chat about the upcoming events (they are moving soon). I ask if they have everything packed and are they still staying the night at the current place or the old place... to which PERSON 2 responds with an answer. This is then followed with the statement: I have gained some weight and my pants dont fit me anymore (note: its the lycra like substance Person 2 is currently wearing in front me).

Oh, then Person 3 decides that they will broadcast on a popular networking website that they have lost (insert number here) due to not (insert technique here). Of course, for the past 3 weeks Person 3 has been updating us on the amount of mileage ran per day or week..... so, lets hope for goodness sakes that since you ran here there and everywhere you SHOULD have lost weight. But, again... why me?

Oh Goody! Care factor? Nil. Note: So far, these people are less in weight then myself. Im not jealous.. this be known. I just honestly do not give one rats ass what you weigh honey, Im just happy in my own skin, and what you are in yours is your issue. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. And, I havent discussed the other 4 people who cared to tell me their diet issues as well this week. Ugh.

Are we just obsessed as a society, that for some reason we have to make a disclaimer statement if we dont feel right for the day? Or, are they just shallow that they have to "give me praise" suckers...

I know, I should be happy for them. I just wish everyone wasnt so concentrated on the issue. And why me.. would you not rather tell someone who really give a shit? I dont... I like you for you, as my friend, whether your fat, anorexic, fashionable, trendy, daggy... you are my friend, and I like you for YOU.. I am not shallow that I would require you to give me your daily weight measurements or have you justify your weight to me. I would have thought that as my friend, you would see that I am accepting of you, afterall thats what friendship is.

Which got me thinking... are you Person 1, 2 & 3 really concerned and stating such things because you are shallow and somehow insecure with my weight or self-esteem?

Anyway... just thoughts. But please people.. i have enough going on in my head at the moment, if you want to brag or discuss your weighty issues... pay the $15 cover charge and attend a weight watchers meeting.. they are at least paid to look like they care. I DONT. Not Today Anyway. And, Possibly, Not Next Week Either.

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Anonymous said...

I am hoping this isnt at all related to me, cause if it is I am more than highly offended, the last I looked up meaning of friend, wasn't what i just read.. I have lost a shit load of weight and I have shared this with you and also lots of running, Mmmmmm this now makes me wonder if this conversation is talking about me due to the fact your the only good friend that hasn't congratulated me in going out and doing what I said I was going to do and that's losing my excess baby weight pre Ethan.. I will just say losing weight and giving up smokes are the 2 hardest things to do, I have achieved both and for a long period of time, you should try both at the same time, you would understand the feeling once you have achieved both how good you feel and to share this with good friends feels so much better because in response you get there support and that' a nice feeling to know you have friends that care and support you in any goals you have, we are all busy as each other but I'm always here for anyone to share there emotions with, I would never let anyone poor there heart out to me, thinking I cared one minute then bag the shit out of them the next and write for all to read.. Didn't think you had in it you Shell but after reading this you do, and even if its not about me, poor person who shared there excitement with you to have you write what you have... Be careful what you write for people to see, if you were after the WOW factor you just got it.. Have a great week...