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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

Today I am reminded that people rarely do what you ask of them, no matter how politely you might have asked. If they want to, they will. If they dont want to, too bad for you.

Today I learned that Ernest Hemingway's (his bday is the same day as mine)grand-daughter Margaux died of a drug overdose of pills on the same day which Ernest committed suicide.. 2nd of July. Go figure. Strangely, I also learned that she was the fifth person in her family in four generations to kill themselves. Gawd, imagine that for genetic history? Yikes.

I have been reminded that while I am working, others are outside in the sun.

I can not wait for the weekend to sit back and rest and enjoy "ME" time. In fact, I might even rent DROP DEAD FRED and sit back and well, relax.

I learned that interestingly enough, when a famous person has died in a home, most often the new owners will renumber the house as to stop "visitors" from paying their respects and intruding on the owners privacy.

I reminded someone that I enjoy being me.

I laugh when I think the small town of A LITTLE BIT OF NOT MANY people which my grandma lives in has discovered a small prostitution ring. She charged $65 for 15 minutes. However, it saddens me that all my schooling and knowledge and this little twat (haha excuse my pun there) makes more money then me. ACK.

The 2010 Census in the USA is going to start soon.

Most people whinge about shit WITHIN their own control.

My mom told me years ago when I was in a foreign country and our driver had hit something with his car.. .she told me: "Get out and walk away. No one is hurt. Let them sort it out between themselves." I felt bad for walking away. However, after reading about Kelsey Mudd, I think that has been some of the most valuable advice I have heard.

One of the banks in this country has eliminated the OVERDRAWN fee of $30. What? So your still going to charge me for USING your services, for this I still pay a fee. But for those who dont have money in their account and go into the Overdrawn status.. now your going to not charge them? Arent you rewarding the wrong people?

People get way too excited over sports.

There are Flamenco Workshops in my town soon. Its fun to say the word FLAMENCO. Try it. Add some pizazz to it.

Well, another day. Now that you have read some tidbits, please dont hate me for my wanderings of thoughts for the day. Its just the way it is. Strange but true.

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