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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ah the single life

All my life, I have had a garbage disposal where I have lived. Its a standard thing in apartments and houses for rent in Minnesota. Here, in Australia, not so much. In fact, minimal! Its an odd thing to me how people can get by without one. Maybe its just that they have never had one, so they dont know the beauty of the machine. Im not really sure, but I do know that FINALLY I am getting one for my townhouse! Yippee!

And as excited as I am about the whole "new freedom" in my kitchen, theres a part of me that is finding it very strange that A GARBAGE DISPOSAL is thrilling to me. Eh..whatever.. its the simple things I find joy in, right?

Anyway, soon, it will be a chopping fest in my kitchen, and a much more environmentally friendly house as well (the amount of food in wastelands which emit greenhouse gases is shocking...thanks to my friend FG for that tidbit!).

So... in a week or so I will have an updated kitchen with one fantastic amenity! WoooHoo....

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Anonymous said...

I love the idealised scene of domestic bliss on the front of the unit -straight out of Mad Men.maybe the husband bought it for his wife's birthday, and now she's thinking of feeding him into it piece by piece for being so sexist!Obviously, you have to read between the lines quite a bit.haha