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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its one of those things

So it was my birthday this week. Hooray for me! I don't really mind birthday's. Im not one of those "we must party" people, but I'm also not one to complain or not tell anyone about my birthday. I guess, I am completely fine with the fact that my birthday comes around once a year... deal with it.

My mom makes me a cake each year, with a different theme. Its a surprise until the first time I see the cake. As soon as I get the photo of the cake, I will post it! She does such a fantastic job! I think she should start selling cakes which she decorates, but understandably, she would like a bit more confidence in her mastery of the icing! I guess I understand it... I just think shes a marvel!

Im trying to pull myself out of a bit of a rut in which people around me irritate me. I am having a hard time with the attitude of " whoa is me... i dont have enough, etc etc". Im just over it. Change it, move on, go back.. I dont really care, but you gotta do something cuz your self pity party is getting BORING.

Maybe Im just trying to hang my head up a bit and make a bit of my day be okay, and Im trying really hard to not let others drag me down or into their shit. Either way... its hard.

So.. with that.. I cant wait for FG to come home and slosh down a bottle of champers with me... I deserve a good drink~

Hope your well. Heads up high, and try to not let the irritations irritate, its hard, but its got to be done.

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Wendy said...

I can relate to the "Whoa is me". Another thing that's got me down lately is the whole "blow off" culture we live in today. People, businesses, governments don't do what they say they will when they say they will do it. People are late for service appts, they break promises, they don't deliver. I miss the times when a man's (or woman's) word was something you could count on and trust.