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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its Resting Time

Wow.. I grew up watching Johnny Carson being introduced by Ed McMahon... and I remember him on Star Search... actually, I remember him always being on tv... he had that winning smile and terrific voice! A true legend. Ed served his country in the Marines.. making us proud, and helping secure our freedom, and fighting for us to have the rights we have now.

Granted, Ed did have some troubles in his life. I suppose when your a star, you might have bigger troubles than the rest of us. Either way, thru the marriages, the health scares, the family tragedies, and of course, the financial troubles which led to a publicly media frenzy about his home and all that jazz.... anyway, thats not how you want to be remembered.

So.... wherever you may be tonight Ed, whatever your beliefs; HEEEERRREEES ED....

May you finally rest in peace. And thanks for many highlights during your career on tv.


Tilda said...

imagine the conversations between him and Johnny now!

Beth said...

so many people dying....