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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tally since May 2009 : 7 DEAD

The Sumatran Elephant is an endangered species, which is quickly becoming more scarce than before. Since May of this year, it seems that the tusks are more valuable than before and in the time period of 1 short month, 7 of these beautiful creatures have been killed.  The latest elephant, named Tongli, was 30 years old, and killed Friday 12 June 2009.  He was found dead, with his tusks removed; the assumption, according to THE JAKARTA POST article is that “he was killed by using poisoned pineapples by a professional poacher who wanted his tusks.”


Create awareness and let others know that this behaviour is unacceptable- we will not just sit by and watch such horrible things happen to these animals. Please, tell everyone you know, research it, Google it, have it as dinner party talk, whatever you do…. CREATE AWARENESS of this senseless killing of the elephants!

Your help is urgently needed. 

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Tilda said...

The sumatran elephants and tigers are becoming extinct. So horrible. thanks for posting this. Good reminder for all of us to protect our future.

Anonymous said...

missin your bloggin. hope you feel ok!