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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes… we have HEAPS of Bananas!

My parents have banana trees in the yard, which my dad secretly enjoys I think, as he can play part-time farmer…. its great when the bananas come along, especially when the price at the grocery store is about $5.00 a kilo for bananas! So, when your parents offer you FREE bananas… you take ‘em!

One problem tho- this time all the bananas seemed to come ripe at once. AND, they all needed to be used/consumed pretty much straight away. One can only eat so many bananas… yes, I realize they are full of potassium… but seriously one can only EAT SO MANY BANANAS.

Of course, dad made his specialty of banana bread and distributed the goodies throughout the friendship trail. (He does do a fantastic loaf of bread with his latest recipe discovery… nevermind the kitchen mess… we wont go into that story). So, I knew a batch of bread was coming my way and thought… what else can one make with that many bananas? Banana Cookies and Banana Empanadas! YUMMY. My cookies are so moist… I cant even begin to describe the softness to the cookies, and the empanadas are lovely for breakfast.  Actually, they would be great with ice cream, and as Firestick J pointed out, a bit of chocolate syrup spread on them as well …. oh the creations! I doubled the brown sugar & cinnamon amounts  in them, as I thought they could be a bit sweeter, and I finished them off with a swipe of egg yolk and a dash of sugar before the oven. Oh I am so impressed by myself… but I will tell you this… the bananas are gone (for the time being anyway) and I have enough goodies to invite 4 blocks of people over for coffee & a treat!



Tilda said...

AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS!! The neighborhood has gained umpteen pounds/kilos over the past week since these little babies hit the hood! Great job!You're so creative and generous!

Anonymous said...

damn right!the empanadas are fantastic. i know what I"M having for breakfast!!thanks heaps.

Femin Susan said...

This is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

and are we going to post the recipe for the cookies and emps?