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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Crushed by the technology of society

Rain poured on the coast yesterday. I left work early, as did all of us, in order to make it home. The roads were flooded, landslides were happening, and no matter what you did to stay dry, you couldn't. It ended up a productive day at home. I dismantled the gym set. I swore. I sweated. I had grease on my face and hands (very sexy). I hauled it upstairs. I put it back together. That was an accomplishment.

I was ready to settle down and sit on the computer for a bit. I wanted to create a new playlist for my IPod so i can get a good list together for a really good session with the weights.

One click of the computer "on" button. A little noise. Nothing. Try again. Same thing. A few lights. Nothing. Stupid thing.

I felt as if my world has slipped away. I had plans with that damn piece of technology, didnt it understand. I put it on a priority list to do that task. It rejected me. I felt at a loss. Then the frustration and anger kicked in. I pulled off the side and checked the wires, I made a phone call and vented Loudly to someone about my situation. I was pissed.

So, here I sit at work typing this. I was reminded about my taxes for the states and "did I have the documents ready".... yeah, on that excel spreadsheet on the damn computer.... AGH!

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