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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mish Mash

Went to have a coffee with Firestick J last night, who ended up making some sort of pizza thing which used bread instead of a dough and a jello ring mould, a chill out in the freezer and then in the oven... all very interesting to watch, but really really yummy to eat! If your interested in the finer details let me know. I was quite impressed, easy, hassle free and really quick and delicious!

I had great intentions of accomplishing heaps at home last night, but alas, due to an overextended coffee invite, none of it happened. I was up at 5 am.... and i made it to work for the second day in a row much earlier than i think i have in the past 2.5 years. I must be coming down with something.... i cant really come up with any other reason for me being "on time" to work...

Monday gets me a Public Holiday... seems we celebrate the Queen's Bday... which is ironic since most people want to be seperated from that.. no more commonwealth crap and costing up millions of moolah anytime she decides to holiday here. but, we are still a part of the commonwealth, and lets just say that each year, around this time, i totally support it... guess i get the day off because the sever ol bitty gives a public holiday. Mind you, any other week in the year and I think shes useless. But what do i know... hell im still trying residency so maybe i should keep my mouth shut.

I have "tenative" plans on monday. All which might be revealed at a later date.

Had a long convo with Madame M last night.. poor thing. Her world has come crashin in on her, and although it was visible to the rest of us, we had to wait it out and crumble piece by piece. My heart goes out to her. No matter the situation, still sucks to be in. Thank goodness for good friends to hold you up when life kicks you hard.

My weekend seems to be taking me to dinner, a bike ride, a really good workout session and possibly some time at the beach. Oh, and the usual cleaning. Whats everyone else's plans?

Oh, MR X..... things are well. actually, I am sure this is all a dream. And if it is, please dont let me ever wake up.

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