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Monday, June 16, 2008

Typical Moments

Recap of not so special points. Im really not in the mood. This is what you get:

  • Mr Prime Minister has decided that 4 mid strength beers is considered binge drinking. Are you kidding? First off, I am sure that there are much more important tasks that the government COULD and SHOULD be dealing with. Second, does he know what country he is in? Its the land of minimal AA groups, and drinking is a highly acceptable norm here. The level of normal and acceptable can seem outrageous, but since this binge drinking count follows a raise on the tax of "premix" drinks to help curb underage drinking... i was thinking an easy solution to that would be to raise the drinking age. No one at 18 should be in the pubs and clubs drinking legally. Its just not pretty to watch. So, with the 4 mid strength beers being a binge drinker... im thinking my next vodka I order will come with a "get in free" to the rehab centre.

  • Loser from work who I have had to send to court who wont pay his damn bill has been summonned this morning. Hes called me to "work out a suitable arrangement". Hes doing it tough ya know...I apologize, but i dont think i got him into the mess, and although he even asked if i had money to loan him... yeah right.. cuz i owe you nothing for nothing... if i had that sort of extra cash lying around, i certainly would not be showing up at work today, or tomorrow. After all the excuses he wants to ramble; did you know that hes having a hard time paying for petrol... who isnt? He even offered to come work for us to pay off his debt... ya, cuz at the measly rate he'd be getting paid, I would have to pay him long service leave by the time he paid the bill. Stupidity just keeps oozing.
  • My horoscope for tomorrow tells me to be my own best friend for a change and concentrate on me and my needs. Funny thing, I had gotten that same advice from a dear friend already this evening.
  • I had big plans tonight to "hang out with myself" and do a massive session on the weights. Its now 8:30, and the neighbors and the town who all stopped by have left. I am just now making Mac N Cheese for dinner.
  • 1 load of laundry accomplished tonight.
  • Im pretty much over most of the shit that keeps seeming to trickle my way. I am trying to be a willow, but damn....
  • Im hoping to get a better nights sleep tonight. Last night I had nightmares which saw me toss & turn most of the night. I do remember dreaming about hillbillies.... yes, they had the rotten teeth and smelled, and kept trying to bother me... anybody with a dream book... what the hell are "hillbillies" in my dream trying to tell me?
  • Im looking forward to a better day tomorrow. I dont know whats going to occur, but I am damn sure that I will sway with the wind and be all willow like. I just need to remember to smile while swaying!


Anonymous said...

sounds like it's time for a kamakaze!!

Anonymous said...

YOU"RE lucky you only see smelly hillbillies with rotten teeth in your dreams - I seem to see them everyday hanging around shopping centres here on the sunshine coast.