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Monday, June 30, 2008


Ah, its that time again.. its the End Of Financial Year. Which means I have 17 stressed out people who are making sure the government is not ripping them off in their taxes on July 1. The pretend to know how to add and then bring me the figures and ask all sorts of questions. Add to that just normal paperwork hassles and trying to make sure everyone has all their stuff in on time... oh its a joy.

I really dont know how people can stress out EOFY... as long as most of your shit is in order, it really shouldnt be a hassle. Granted, i have work to do, but its more or less just chasing what i require and then organizing it properly.

So... i havent had a moment to myself (doing an extra payroll this week) and preparing the computer for the next batch of "begin new payroll year" to be followed shortly by "begin new financial year" and then make sure all my stuff is there. Cuz once the new year is brought in, I cant access a damn thing from before.

So, i imagine i will do a good heavy weight session tonight to relieve some tension... and then i might sit down and catch u up on the weekend.... maybe... if you care.

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