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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Topic Sure to Piss off Some Family

(The button, available for purchase from the online Hilary Store, available under the specials (aka clearance) section, reads: "I'm Your Girl!" Shit, even Bill didn't go for that slogan!

Hilary is going to finally accept her defeat "graciously" tonight. Wow, didnt see that coming. You mean its been known for days (yes, even the news made it to us in the Land of Oz that Obama is the delegate for the Democratic Party announced in MN) and just now Hilary is going to accept her defeat.

Way to be an ostrich. I personally think she should keep her head in the sand. I obv am not a supporter of Hilary. She, like every other politician campaigned and wasted heaps of money to make a shitload of promises like health care, education, womans rights, etc. Oh wait, this is the same lady who stood by her husband with all those marital affairs.... yeah, def not someone I want in office. Way to stand up for yourself lady.. such a good role model. Oh, and you made your way to NY to "live, reside" there just for one of the more populated seats so that your numbers could come out better in the election nominations. Proud moments. Oh yeah, and no wardrobe change since your husband was in office. I am sure that in the last few years the double-breasted jacket has come in and out of fashion, but you just never let it die did you?

Anyway, I am hoping that the "dream ticket" doesn't exist. I dont want her as a VP running mate with Obama. Please. The USA is already laughable in the international news on most days, lets not make it so that I can see the whole drama unfold on TV... please.

I'm glad Hilary is making her defeat known. Its that sort of quality of denial and lack of making a proper, concise, timely decision that makes her so crap for the position she was trying to run for. The last thing the states needs is a woman who cant make up her mind... is she? isnt she? Oh gosh.....

Finally, she isnt. Sadly, I think she was the last to know that, No honey, you didnt make the party.... but hey, be comforted in the fact that you at least bought your way to the party.

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