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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Dinner Party

Last night saw an attendance of some great people enjoying Chinese food at the best Chinese restaurant here on the coast. You have never had Honey Fillet Chicken melt in your mouth so vividly until you have eaten at Simon King's Chinese! There were 10 of us, all eager to tempt our taste buds with fantastic food and great converstation. We had all left 100% satisfied.

It was wonderful to catch up with HG & FG and the cutest couple you could ever find (FG's parents) are now up for the winter holidays session.

(We even had an authentic rice bucket for the table!)

HG's mom is leaving this morning back to the colds of her home, so it was great catching up with her and saying goodbye as well. FG's brother and his wife also joined us for dinner. The had planned an impromptu trip up here to escape the cold and ended up suprising FG & HG. I had not had the chance of meeting the wife yet, so it was great to be able to put a face to the name after all these years. Congrats to the two of them, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary!
Mom and Dad joined us as well. Dad and HG's mom chatted about Israel for a greater part of the evening. HG's mom was gleaming with being able to share stories and swap places of interest with someone else. You couldnt get a word in the conversation... it was just hands flying with excitement, smiles, laughs, and non stop chatting between HG's mom and my dad.

(HG's mom and my Dad taking a break from the chatterbox session)

Fantastic Night! Thanks heaps for the invite! I love hangin with HG & FG.. and their families. They have become so much of my family. I always feel so special and loved when I am with any of them. My face lights up each time and they just make me smile and laugh. That clan is truely a unique and loving group of people. I cherish the moments with them.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you have yourself surrounded with beautiful people. How fortunate you are in life!

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence - WE were all discussing how blessed WE are in being able to count you as part of our crazy, noisome family! Truer friends than you and your parents cannot be found. It really was a wonderful, warm, loud and fun night that we will all remember with great affection. Thank YOU for being a part of it.

FG and HG and family

InALittleMinute said...

Ah... a warm & fuzzy moment. At the end of it all, we are all pretty damn lucky to have found each other... even if i had to stalk you by moving near to you!

Anonymous said...

so, we moved house and you followed - does that make you the realestalker? haha fg