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Monday, November 23, 2009


I only have 1 thing on my list this year… so, since there is only 1 thing, it should be pretty darn easy for you to get it for me… So, here it is….


And in case its hard to recognize him in such a position… here are a few more photos to help you grab Ryan Kwanten for me…


Or maybe this would help….


Well, that’s all for my list. It ain’t like I’m picky or anything, right?


GooChick said...

Does he have a brother that could be wrapped up and placed under MY tree?

Tilda said...

yummy! Hope Santa hears your request! My xmas wish is for a visa for a VERY VERY DEAR PERSON CLOSE TO MY HEART...and of course a little bit of "Jason" True Blood for her also:-)