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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Poolish or Foolish?

So I spent some time yesterday in our pool in the complex. I spent enough time to have a lovely shade of sunburn which needs to be tended to today. Its not that bad, but certainly wont be wearing any red clothing for the next few days!

The girlz and I were hanging by the pool, chatting, laughing...etc. We were not alone in our community pool, and we saw a few things that were interesting to observe. Mind you, its a community pool...

-lady with her baby in nappies/diapers yet and she decides to throw the dirty nappy in the rubbish bin which is located under the BBQ grilling area. Lets just say, the regular bins for all rubbish is about a 20 second walk, but apparently thats not on her task list.

So, we wander over there to empty the bins, because who wants to smell smelly poo... and while making a yummy lunch, the last thing you want to see is a dirty nappy...

- the man playing with his kids and splashing everywhere and anyone near the pool. Yet, when he decides to go read his book, he makes a scene when a kid comes near and splashes a bit of water near him

-the person doing laps who straps the creepy crawly under a lounge chair so as to not disturb her lap session. She then leaves the pool, without replacing the creepy crawly and states, "the pool really needs to be cleaned"

hello einstein! Your the one who took out the tool which cleans the pool and didnt replace it.. guessing you were the same idiot who did it yesterday too..?

So, not really a big deal you might say, but its interesting to note the behavior of others in a community pool. I found it interesting how they wanted to do their own thing, have little respect for others in the pool, and then just walk away from it when they were done.

Now, I dont know about you, but my mom taught me that if you move something or whatever, you put it back in its place before you leave, as a courtesy for the next person who might want to use it. Obviously, these people dont live by that rule. And, they are not going to teach their children to do that either.

If its your OWN EXCLUSIVE pool, leave it how you wish.. but if its a COMMUNITY pool, leave it nice for the next people coming along wanting to spend time with thier kids, families, and friends who want to enjoy the same rights as you.

Oh, and Im not even going to get started on the family that doesnt think their kids need to be in swimwear or little swimmers... .thats a whole other bitch session waiting to happen.

Common courtesy of others is apparently not so common.


GooChick said...

You've touch upon one of my biggest pet peeves -- people who don't consider the needs of others, only their own. It all comes back to selfishness.

It is funny, however, to hear you talking about outdoor swimming in November. I was feeling so good about our 63-degree "heatwave" here then I read your post and realized summer truly is over in the MN! I miss it already.

Anonymous said...

Am I right in assuming you mean that some people let their toddlers swim in the nude in the complex pool? I suppose the parents think that's cute!How foul.Hope the pool man uses plenty of chlorine!

Tilda said...

these are the same parents that complain about people perving at their kids...hello??? Definitely should be a test for people BEFORE they're allowed to reproduce... I'd imagine these are the same parents that bitch about nude beaches. Love your blog, always gets me thinking.