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Monday, November 16, 2009

Being In Heaven

So, I went to see this movie on the weekend. It was interesting, and had some very thought provoking ideas within it. Its more of a self help movie.. .but its all the things that self helpers who read and study the topic already know, but its put into terms you can understand. It also uses the medium of the movie to help present its story in such a way that you really feel like its sinking in.

Its like a conversation with the author and you. And you can put yourself at the table and utilize these skills & lessons in a real life fashion.

Interesting.. and thought provoking. If your into self help and changing your world, its your type of movie.. otherwise, I would stay clear of it, it will be lost on you.

Here is a synopsis of the movie from my local art house cinema:

A 90 minute feature film by Michael Domeyko Rowland

A captivating journey of revelation and awakening that provides answers to our search for meaning, freedom and personal happiness.

In a single moment, your life can change forever. Young and successful, Jason Masterman (Daniel Whyte) loses everything, before an encounter with a mysterious man (Michael Domeyko Rowland) who reveals ancient truths about the path to complete fulfilment. He discovers how to gain real power over his life.

Jason is an Australian, working in New York, who loses all his money in the stock market crash during the global financial crisis. He is thrown out of his apartment, loses his job and returns to Sydney, where he gains part-time employment writing articles for a friend's magazine.

He is sent to an unusual restaurant, where he interviews a writer who specialises in uplifting people’s lives. As if awakened from a dream, Jason undergoes a transformation that will surprise and inspire you, and show you that moving forward, and even radically changing one's life, is possible for anyone who learns the way.

'Being in Heaven' is a story that unlocks many secrets about how you can access the higher potentials you have within you, as well as the actual methods of experiencing real and true success in all areas of your life. All this is wrapped in a film drama which you will think about many times once you have left the cinema.

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