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Monday, November 09, 2009


Okay, wrong currency.. but deal with it

Lots of hundred dollar bank notes

So there was nasty flooding in another state south of where I live. People were isolated, and just this weekend, they declared it a disaster area.

Today, the Community Services Minister announces that anyone who is affected by this flooding can apply for a one-off payment to help them.

Sounds great? In theory it is. But lets look at this: if there is a flood, your car might need repair, your house might need some touching up due to water leaks, your personal items might be destroyed, theres a shortage of food due to accessibility. The stories are endless, and we could go on and on and on.

So… the government is offering to hand over $1000 bucks for adults and $400 bucks for EACH kid. Yep, you heard right.

So, as person living alone I would only receive $1000 to help me get back on my feet. BUT, if I had kids, and a partner (which no doubt would increase my normal living funds anyway) I would be eligible for more money.


I do find it interesting that if my house and my neighbors house are affected, me as a single person would only get $1000 towards the possible fixing of my house due to flooding, while my neighbor with a live-in partner and a kid (which is smaller than the ‘average’ family remember) would receive $2400.  What?

I think, personally, this should go on per residence rather than per person or child. For example, each residential place of living would receive $1000.  This way, everyone gets the same.  Tell me how its more justified that a larger family gets more emergency money than a single mother or a single person, or an elderly person? Everyone is in the same amount of water…. so why different payments?

I just can not justify in my head why the government is handling the situation as such. But then, do we understand most things that occur as an aftermath of tragedy? No.

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