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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All yours for under $50

including delivery.. to the US. Bargain right? What is it? At first glace I thought it was some sort of new potpourri holder… nope.

(photo from

Its a lip plumper thing! So, like the tube says… JolieLips.. you too can ginormous size lips .. all for under $50! Bargain special! Grab one quick before they are put in the tray labelled “crap that didnt sell and we cant give away”

The BEST thing about this is the description reads, ‘plumping up lips naturally’.

Sorry, naturally?

If I have to attach some sort of douche looking object to my lips (at several times a day as suggested) and pump PUMP PuMP away… I am thinking..Oh so NOT NATURAL~ but it makes me laugh!

1 comment:

Ladybird said...

That is so crazy!

Watched a documentary recently abt a chick trying to make her boobs bigger with a very uncomfotable suction type device - insane!

I understand that it's human nature to often want things that we don't have, but seriously... some ppl take it to the extreme!!!