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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Settle Down….

I know I'm going to have some of you upset, but too bad. Its my blog, and today I'm venting.  So I hear that 1 in 6 people in America went 'hungry or had insufficient food at home’ in 2008.  I know, in general terms, thats not a good thing. But here is what amazes me…..there was an increase in the statistics of homes with children. WHAT?  So, let me get this right.. you had a kid, and you didn't do whatever means necessary to feed your kid properly? Look, if your not going to look after them….

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I know, many people do whatever necessary to feed their children, provide clothes for them, shelter them… all that jazz. Which leads me to the next point: I am wondering what definition they are giving to insufficient amounts of food, or inadequate food. Really, I see many people lining up at the local Micky D’s for dinner around 6ish and you can not NOT convince me that the establishment or your poor choice of dinner ideas is adequate in the food chain table to give your kids a healthy meal. I am not swaying on it. That could be a treat, but by no means should you be thinking that is a healthy adequate meal. So, maybe that's what they stuck in the 1 in 6 statistic.. all those parents providing fast food processed foods for their kids or themselves? Probably not, but I am wishing they would have.

Or, have we become such a greedy society (remember, I'm American, so really its okay for me to talk about my society in this way, before you go all Annie Oakley on my rant) although I believe it goes for my current country of Australia too.. ah back to my point.. have we become so greedy that we want EVERYTHING and if we don't get everything we have to create a statistic to make ourselves feel better?

I know, many people are without jobs. Here, there, everywhere. Lets face it, I'm tired of all this whinging about the unemployment rate.. has anybody noticed that SHITLOADS of countries have had high unemployment rates for many many MANY years, and did we care about them? Many of them, no. We sent them rice, or gave them sanctions, and when we felt as a country they weren't abiding by our rules, we pulled the sanctions and let them suffer, more. However, on the other side of the token.. I was involved in a conversation the other day where a person was in need of a job to help their income. They, as a family felt they could no longer survive on one income, so the person who shall remain nameless went out to get a job.  Person received a phone call and was asked to come in for interview. Person set up a time and asked if they could bring the kids.   NO! Then person began to say that the hours they could work would be…. and the days would be… and the … so on and so forth. And then stated that they are a parent, and their kids come first.

And, I thought you were getting a job to help your kids.. ya know, feed them, dress them, educate them, integrate them into a proper society. Guess not.

Or the story I heard yesterday about the mother who tells me she can not get a job because her job is to take the kids to school. Just before 9 am and just after 3 pm. I told her she should try for a part time job. (Keep in mind the sob story of 20 minutes that she has no money on their $50 K income, discounted medical, 2 cars, etc). She told me that her JOB IS TO LOOK AFTER THE KIDS. Am I missing something? You just said your kids were in school from 9-3? But she feels her job is to take them to school and pick them up.

Thank you lady for doing SUCH A SERVICE TO YOUR KIDS and making them better humans, preparing them for the real world, when you cant get a grip on reality.

My mom was  a single mom, my dad paid ZERO dollars child support, she had a full time job, and a few part time jobs. I saw her heaps when I was a kid.. I grew up to be an asset to society, creating a greater place in this world, with morals & ethics, giving to others, etc. You name it, life was difficult, we didnt have meat & potatoes every night, but I also dont remember starving. We might have went to the neighbors and had a potluck from their fridge & ours.. we got by. The best we knew we had too. You didn't second guess things. You just Did Things. Then again, my mom worked her tush off to provide what she could. And those were the days when as a professional nurse she was making squat per hour. We lived with roommates to make rent cheaper for us. We didn't have our own home to ourselves. But, I had a great life as a kid.. wouldnt change it.

I guess what I'm saying is, it amazes me the amount that people want to bitch about what they don't have, but wont get off their ass to provide just a bit more.  Remember in the days before our parents, where people tended the land, all day, and hoped the weather would provide them with enough for the crops to grow, there was no medical ‘free’, there was no safe houses, food stamps, shelters… and still, everyone got by. People helped each other out. Yet, you knew you had to stand on your own 2 feet as much as possible, cuz you had to at least prove that you were trying.

If you don't try to help yourself, why should someone else?

I am not saying that you should not try to raise your children right, that you should never spend any time with your kids… or any of that. So, dont even write that shit, cuz I wont approve your comment if you do anyway. I am just saying, that we need to help each other out, together, but first you have to try to help yourself a bit too… who knows, you might even enjoy life a bit more.

But really, 1 in 6? Thats shocking. But what is everyone doing to help themselves?

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