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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Had any beans lately?

So we know that I am doing this vegetarian thing for awhile. Im enjoying watching and feeling my body react to different foods, and all that jazz.

In saying that, I DIDNT enjoy my body reacting to the burger I had last friday (I made it almost a whole week on ONLY vegetarian foods) but went out to eat, and couldnt help myself.   Interestingly enough, it wasnt that great of a taste eating my burger, the best thing about it was the pineapple slice they added on the burger. And I felt like a brick house for the rest of the night. FULL AS ANYTHING. and not that comfy full either.

But, to turn the whole experience into somewhat of a ‘oh well, lets make a lesson out of this’ I guess my body was reacting fine to the vegetarian way, and I might have shocked it when putting meat into it. I also took it to mean that my body was getting enough nutrients in what I was eating for the week without all the meats & by-products etc.

So… I tried a new recipe last night. Kidney bean ‘burgers’. They were nummy! Loved them! Although it was a bit difficult getting them to stick together really well in the form of a pattie, but it worked.



I added some pineapple slices, lettuce, capsicum.. you name it.. tasted great! Oh, and before you condemn me, its soya butter so back off!

Anyway, I loved my kidney bean ‘burgers’. Let me know if you want the details of ingredients… super simple and I reckon super tasty on the grill!


Theresa said...

Andy is a burger fiend--we have different recipes, some of which are better for their own sake but some which he prefers with all the fixings, different textures, different flavours... the works!

Your kidney bean patties look great. If you can get ahold of gluten flour at all, it really helps to get burgers to stick together. I get it in Townsville at the asian grocery shop, but I think some health food stores sell it as well. It's a lifesaver!

Ladybird said...


Is this the cheeseburger recipe I posted on my site? if so, that's so cool to know someone on the other side of the world tried the recipe!

Glad you liked 'em. They're such a treat! They smell super delicious when they're frying.. mmm

Sorry they fell apart a bit.. maybe mush up the kidney beans a bit more next time(?)

Ladybird x

InALittleMinute said...

Good suggestions girls.. thanks! Yes, Ladybird I did get the recipe from your site, but I was so excited to try them that when I was writing down the ingredients, I forgot to favorite your blog, and forgot which blog I had seen them on.. so I couldnt link it or go back to it to tell you how yummy they were!

Thank goodness you stumbled this way!