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Sunday, March 22, 2009


This classy restaurant is the last thing you would expect to be at the end of our street from our hotel. But soon..... I will be able to post ACTUAL photos from my own camera. Soon... I will treat myself to this fantastic luxury. Sitting my bum on the chair, looking at the ocean, truly eating "waterfront" style. Watching the sunset. Drink in my hand. Good company enjoying the moments. Soon.....
And... its a French Restaurant... not something most expect to run into in the streets of Bali. But, I have been here before.... just gasped at the scenery, not eating here before. Its amazing.
The walk to the restaurant is nothing strange. People attending the warungs (local eating stalls), bartering with the locals to drop the price of a fantastic batik piece of clothing, people sitting on the curb in front of their house which is home to 10+ people, dogs running in the street, the smell of a hard work day for the locals, the gates to each house.... you pass it all, its a regular street in the environment. Then, at the end of the street, as you have stumbled over uneven concrete and watched for "loose concrete" which could end you up in the sewer (its a local street, so not as important to the govt as the main tourist stretch to fix, this year anyway), you find these gates which open up to a world which seems so far away from where you have just been.
And, to top it off, its French Food. Covered in sauces, rich in taste, savory in the environment, and a bit spendy (it will def cost me more than $5 to eat here, much different from my usual eating spots in Bali), but, its a treat, and Im on holidays... I deserve it.

And, to be nice to all of you... I will enjoy it for you as well!

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