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Friday, March 06, 2009

Shes linked to a tale of killing at least 8 men, some just for bickering over the price of sex. Shes one of Australia's high-profiled (is there such a thing here?) prostitutes from the "good ol' days".

Shes been charged with assault, drunk & disorderly, wandering & loiterring, and associations with criminals and gangsters.

Lets just look at the above statements. She had no place to live? Well, of course not honey, she was a hooker... I am sure she didnt need to head home to often. She hung out with "unsociables"? Back in the 40 & 50's, who else had money except for crims and gangsters? You go where the money took you... which in her case was straight into the arms of badly behaved men with power. Not much different from today really. Charged with assault? So, could that mean that MAYBE she was collecting debts owed, or stood up for herself in a not so nice world? I dont know.. just a thought.

Shes been known for being beautiful and very expensive in the sex trade industry. Blonde hair, blue eyes and apparantly a figure to die for. Ah, even back then, beauty was adored.

Who is she? Shes being featured in an exhibit called Femme Fatale: the Female Criminal. I would love to go see it. If it comes this way, I am def there, but for now, I think its only being shown in Sydney or Melbourne.

I dont know about you, but Dulcie Markham seems to have been one tough lady who stood her ground, made ends meet financially, and hob-knobbed with rich & powerful for her time.

All that AND good looks? Impressive


Femin Susan said...

Keep up the great posts. Love, light and blessings to you and your family

Anonymous said...

would be great to see. I'm with ya if it comes to Bris! We can hope! she's gorgeous lady. sounds pretty interesting too! Catch ya later, Tilda