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Monday, March 02, 2009

Pleasantville in real life?

There is an estate near my house, that years ago was considered one of the "prestigious" areas to live in. Now, its rental heaven. It reminds me of Pleasantville.. .always has. Everyone parks the car on the street (lack of garages), the square foot of lawn owned by you and your home is perfectly manicured, the mailboxes match the house (yes, its true!), most everyone has a token dog, the children are outside playing (in the driveways between the cramped house), the curtains look brand new, the doors are wide open so that everyone in this trusting neighborhood knows EXACTLY what you have inside, and to top it off.... there is this "air" about the place that you are an intruder and only the special are allowed into this done up world. Its just so strange.. and not my cup of tea AT ALL. Yuck!
Below is a photo of a newly constructed house almost complete... the steps shown here are the entrance to a unit that gets rented out per week...its above a garage, and no, majority of the time you dont have access to a garage, you just get the "joy" of living above it, in your studio apartment for approx $200 AUD per week.
Below, is the other side of the photo.. see how its not finished.. well, typically there will be a "walkway" and garden area which only the owner of the large house has access too. Just looks so funny to see it this way... I keep walking by to see if they have progressed yet...

There is a newer section to the estate (where the mailboxes dont match the house as they finally realized its just CREEPY when the entire street does this)... but even then... if your paying over $600,000 to live here, dont you think you could have landscaping that wasnt half dead?

Its just my opinion, Im sure they love living here.... but thankfully, I love my place to bits~

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