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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain. Boredom. Working.

Its so boring at work at the moment. The rain is bucketing down due to the cyclone at sea, which means NO ONE is really outside working in the elements. Which, since all of our customers work outside, means the phone has rang about twice today.

No one paid their bills today- so, I have no money to pay our company bills today.

No one is calling- so, I am not travelling all over the place trying to sort problems.

No one is working in our office. Everyone seems to be playing on the computer, sending emails, chatting on personal phone calls, and one has even gone out to do some shopping.

Why am I here? The boredom is killing me. I need to be busy doing something. ANYTHING.

Maybe part of it is that I would like to be home, watching a movie, securing my place for high winds, sitting around and watching the rain. That would be much more satisfying than sitting in my office, staring at nothing, watching everyone do nothing.

Ack. I hate being bored.

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