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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The countdown is on...

Soon, in not too long of a time, I will be on vacation.... in this magical spot. WHEWWWWW- HHHHEEEEWWW. ( insert image of my jumping up and down and waving my hands all around).
Ah.. the things we think of everyday.
Hope your well. Oh, to let you know, the cyclone fizzled... but it did do some damage to some ships in the ocean which spilled chemicals into the ocean... and every now and then, the rain and wind gets a bit crazy. They say more is too happen in terms of wind and rain for the next 2 days... but im hoping it dries up by sunday... i have plans on sunday. BIG PLANS~!


Tilda said...

looks like a pineapple drink is in your future! massage, beach,beautiful friendly staff, driver, ...oh by the way, "you have program ma'am?" and there's more! 4wonderful days here! sooo lookin forward to time with you and the beautiful people.

GooChick said...

Where is this glorious place?