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Monday, March 09, 2009

Cyclone Hamish

So theres Cyclone Hamish on its way. Its a very odd feeling at the moment. Sometimes the atmosphere is VERY VERY still, and then a gush of wind comes from nowhere. Its strange. The calm before the storm.
If you look on the map on the top, that big white blob on the right of the country is the cyclone. If you look on the map on the bottom, the town called Tewantin, well, I am about 1/2 hour south of that. As of now, it appears the cyclone is traveling parallel to the coast, but not hitting the coastline, just rain, heaps of rain. However, a cyclone can change in an instant, so we are all on alert.
IF it hits, it should be tomorrow sometime, or the next day. I work a bit inland, so its hard to sit at work and know whats happening at home on the coast region. Although, Im sure its just gusty and a bit wild, all things should stay relatively calm. BUT, big plans once I get home from work.... put ALL things in the garage: outside table, buddha ornaments in the garden... etc. all in the garage.. better safe than sorry.
Lets hope it just turns to some mild rain.

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