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Monday, March 02, 2009

And more in Pleasantville...

If you havent already done so, please read the post below this one first...

And if you have already been introduced to Pleasantville in this blog, read on:

Heres a few more snapshots of what $600,000 can give you in the landscaping of your new home.. please note the half dried/dead edges around EACH plant... now that is classy. Ah, but take note, for those big bucks, you can have this mature and lush palm growing outside your apartment complex... lets hope thats not "full bloom"
Or, you can have these lovely rusted metal birds greet you as you drive into your spacious garage...please note your 1 square foot of grass allowed for your home...

Sadly, there was no sign marking this bookshelf as free...but Im hoping the owners are looking to get rid of it. I do wonder tho, how does one make your bookshelf go THAT wonky?

This house reminds me for some reason of an upgrade on the Amityville Horror House... Im not sure why, but there is something bizarre about it, or is it to familiar to Wisteria Lane? Ah, either way prob one in the same, right?

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