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Friday, October 29, 2010

7 minutes

Has there been a research study on 7 minutes? I wondered today why my snooze button, and so many other snooze buttons out there are set for 7 minutes.  Do I 'rest' in 7 minutes? Is this an applicable time for my body to feel its cheated a few more minutes?  What does 7 minutes have that 5 or 10 doesnt?  Has a study been done on different sleep patterns at different intervals?  Was it someone's favorite number? 

Why 7?

Its crazy.... but Im curious... whats the importance of 7?



I mean, I hit the snooze countless time... so apparently 7 minutes ISNT adequate for me.  And so why does the manufacturer of my alarm clock think 7 minutes is adequate?  I want to know - who in the big corporate land of my alarm clock maker decided that 7 minutes was the magic number? 

Can you imagine being that person...

Person 1 "Hi"

Person 2 "Hi"

Person 1 "What do you do?"

Person 2  "I make suits of armor fit for Kings & Queens, what do you do?"

Person 1  "I made the choice that each person who buys this product will only get 7 minutes of snooze time"

Seriously... Who IS that person. I have so many questions to ask.

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JEZ said...

Hmph. Not sure! Although research indicates the old standard was 9 minutes because of the way the old clocks changed gears. Maybe 5 was too little and 10 too long? When I started sleeping at my boyfriend's house I discovered he had a serious disorder of keeping his alarm clock in the dining room. His theory was that the walk to hit snooze would wake him up. It did not. It only woke me up! He'd still hit snooze for at least another hour until I would freak on him to GET UP!