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Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Holiday Part 1

The keyboard Im using is as stiff as I was before my massage yesterday. Jealous? good. then I will let you know I have another one scheduled tomorrow morning!! 

Sitting at my table, I can smell teh incense and offerings of the mornings.  Slowly, teh sounds of motorbikes becomes more constant.  The new baby bird is being fed by its mother at the tree near the table.  The staff keep a close eye on the new guest daily, they feed the mother banana every night, and during the day, she flies around collecting rice for her baby. I am in awe at teh magic of all this. There is another 4 birds gathering and making a nest by my hotel room, loving each moment unfold before me.

The staff arrive one by one at our presence at teh hotel.  They are happy to see us, and we are thrilled to see them.  To hear about thier families, their life... all of it.  It is like seeing family again. Sincere hugs & smiles are exchanged.  Again the smell of the surroundings is noticed... it is a smell of contentment adn love, of happiness & warmth.  It is then that I feel so wonderful about where I am  and how I feel at home here. And how full of love Bali is.  It is now, at this moment, that I remind myself of how much I love Indonesia & all which encompass this place.

However, all teh love in the world couldnt have prepared me for my trip here.  I was to arrive on Thursday evening. Did I? No. Thanks Jetstar..... Friday evening. Oh the frustration and new people you meet on the way. But, I will write about this at a later date.  I need to wait for the other computer next to me to have the better keyboard... this one is like jabbing the keys.  But, here is a snapshot... hurry up to wait. get stamped to depart country, buy duty free.  Sounds great? Yeah, until I have to get stamped back in and return my duty free, cuz Im spending the night in Darwin. Hooray. And, I have to fight like hell to get any info.  Why? Well, part of it was taht they grounded teh entire fleet of planes I was traveling on.... due to engine problems on another flight. Im all for having my life and love taht tehy considered my safety... but it woud have been nice if teh staff at the airline knew what the hell they were doing. ... anyway... I then meet with teh Australian version of The Amazing Race... I was pleased tehy were not American, for their rudeness was amazing.. I was embarrassed enough, much less if they were teh same nationality. Upside? I MAY be on tv, but may not.. due to some harsh probably edited language which I let fly at a few contestants.  We will see. And race? No, my grandma could do that crap. . And next time I travel, Im going on that show... tehy have their luggage carried for them, they have food brought to them.. life certainbly was no rush for these guys. Oh, and no, we arent exactly friends after my LONG stint with them.  And I dont think their tour guide in Bali (one for each couple) looked very impressed either.  Ah... interesting times.

Anyway, more on taht another time.  Life here in Bali is good. Its nice to be back home... and hear "Michele, when you arrive?  and of course, during the massage.. "Michele... are you com...fort..a .. bull?" 

Ah, life is good.Tonight mom is having coining due  (aka Krokan) for her nasty cough.. and snoring... goodness.. I thought I was working at teh sawmill the last 2 nights. Shit.  And tomorrow I am having it done, for general wellbeing. I always get Krokan done when I come here.. good medicine.

Well, time to chat with the local adn another gorgeous night of adventure in Bali.  Come back soon for Part 2.

Miss all of you.


JEZ said...

Jealous indeed!

I knew that race was staged. Not really "racing" are they?

I'm not jealous of your keyboard, however. At first I thought you'd been drinking and couldn't spell THE anymore, but I guess you have a good excuse. Or do you? Maybe you are happily buzzed in Bali and blaming it on the keyboard. Things aren't always what they seem! HA!

Have fun. Hope the snoring stops. Don't fall in love.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the massages -you SO deserve it!"your" Bali really does sound like paradise.