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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better Today...??

I crawled into bed last night, and looked at my moon filled room.. it was so bright and peeked thru the slats of my blinds... Im a Cancerian.. ruled by the moon... it made perfect sense why I was so emotional.

I lifted the blinds all the way up and fell asleep to to the moon glistening into my room - healing my emotions!


JEZ said...

I think you have Post Vacation Depression. Seriously! I've had it before. In fact, I think I get it every time I live a fantasy life for a week and then come back to reality.

The further away you get from your vacation, the better you will feel.

HUGS AND KISSES! Happy Thanksgiving XOXO

InALittleMinute said...

I know.. I even dreamt last night that I had just hopped on a plane and was there instantly.. even brought Little Miss Monroe with me this time...

It was just so wonderful to have a holiday and relax.. and I think secretly part of it is knowing that Im trying to head back to the states for a visit in 2011... and that is NEVER a bloody holiday... always stress and frustration and mass I think Im trying to hold onto those precious moments in Bali as long as I can.

Getting better tho... I think?

Daisy said...

This post is beautiful. I love how the simplicity was so telling.

I hope you are getting the healing you need. xoxoxo *hug!!*