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Sunday, April 27, 2008

4am on a Sunday

The average person would be sleeping in at this time of day. Especially on her day off. Especially after a fantastic evening out with the new man. I, however, was not. I had graciously accepted the guilt by Neighbor S (yes, see below to see Neighbor S happenings) of helping the woman out on a Sunday. Morning no less.

Scene 1:
Upon her decision that she was going to sell all the clothes that should have went to the Lifeline store but never ended up making it out of the trunk of her car, she (Neighbor S) decides that she might give the markets a try. Alas, with Baby E growing so quickly as well, there is no need for all those adorable teenie tinnie tot outfits. Sell em she thinks! She can make millions she thinks. She has stumbled upon a magnificent idea. If only she could get someone to help...who would she con to this task?

Scene 2:
Enter Me

Scene 3:
A phone call to see if I have a table. The woman has been in my garage that many times, she KNOWS i have a table. In fact, I am sure she KNOWs i have two tables of two different sizes.

"Yeah, you can borrow the table. I will be home shortly to drop it off." -me
"Thanks. Do you want to come with me? Bring some of your clothes and sell them too." -S
"Nah, no time to tackle the closets tonight. Not enough notice." -me
"Would you like to come with me? It will be great, we can coffee, chats, and then there is someone there in case i have to take a pee break." - S

Please note, that not once during the morning did she actually take off for rest run.

Guilt. A friend can not leave her friend in shambles in a situation. Her she is trying to sell a few items for her mini holiday coming soon and wants to get rid of a few things. She is a mother. She cant be left to her own devices at the markets.

"What time?" - me

"The man said to be there at 5. So we will leave here at 4:45." -S

"Gawd thats early S... yeah I'll come. Will you call to make sure I'm up?" -me
Scene 4:
A restless night sleep occurs. I dont want to sleep in, I cant let my friend down. I dont want to be to eager to be up and ready, in case S decides to call and tell me its raining, no markets today. Yet, the phone call occurs, I mumble a few words on the phone while shes ready and alive with excitement. No coffee yet? Ugh. Stumble into the shower. Stumble to the closet. Find options for the day.. the sun isnt out. Will it be hot? Will it be chilly? Will we have shade? Grab clothes, stumble down the steps and out the door.

Scene 5:
We are off. The car is speeding down the road, the two of gleaming with excitement. S has somehow magically poured her excitement my way and suddenly I am alive with being up at this time of the morning. No one, I mean NO ONE else is up and its looking like a lovely morning. We are on schedule! We plan, plot, and conjour a strategy for the scenarios which may arise. We are two women ready to sell this cars contents!
Scene 6:
The markets are packed. There might not be room? What? I got up at 4 am... and in a little coastal village here we dont have Perkins, Dennys, or ANYTHING that is up this early for breakfast. Damn. Now what?

We enter the gates, praying they find us a spot. We are new to this. We followed some mans advice over the telephone. Now they tell us we should have been here at 4. What? Thats a 3 am wake up... not a chance buddy.

We drive down the path. They lead us to a spot. Perfect. Its on a corner which means heaps of traffic from all directions. We stumble around setting things out in the dark. We are ready.

Scene 7:
We sell, we chat with strangers. I convince them that the item they are looking at looks really good on them. Go for it! After all, I dont want to pack it back in the car. Babies, moms, puppies, everyone stopped by for a chat. Great fun to people watch.

Saw some friends who I had not seen in ages. Great to catch up with them. Loved the moments. I wasnt a real good sales assistant then tho, but figuring I was taking no money for my assistance, my dear S let it slide and didnt yell at me for taking a social break!
It was difficult trying to keep S out of the stall next to us. They had clothes, both of us glancing over there seeing what was on display. S was attracted to the array of baby clothes. I would look away for a few minutes, and Wah-Lah, there she was next door. Shes sneaky...

I was trying to control my urge to buy things. Didnt happen. I stumbled upon the stall behind us and bought the cutest knitted hat for my upcoming Tassie trip. Brrr!

We had a great time, chatting away with anyone and everyone. People watching. What a sport that is. I think we could win the Gold in the Olympics on that sport. If only...

It really was a great way to spend time with S. Even with the early start, it was nice just being and doing and helping her out. She appreciated it as well. Makes you feel good to help your friends. Thats what Sundays are for.


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