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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ah those crazy humans

So after my weekend events, which were very pleasant and enjoyable, I had a little time to reflect on the past few weeks and peoples moods or attitudes...
I always find it fascinating to analyze humans and their reactions towards situations or people dependent upon that individuals own circumstance.
from this, a little summary of some key points which could be addressed:

NICE: i think maybe it should be looked up in the dictionary, because what I THINK it means, and what some of the people i have encountered lately THINK it means are obv two different versions. For sake of any future arguments, i have referenced the Chambers Dictionary for these and further purposes.
nice adj (nicer, nicest) 1 pleasant; agreeable; respectable. 2 often ironic good; satisfactory. 3 ironic nasty • a nice mess. 4 fine; subtle • nice distinctions. 5 exacting; particular • nice in matters of etiquette. niceness noun. nice and ... colloq satisfactorily ... ; commendably ... • nice and firm.
So, its an adjective is it? Lets see, if I go back to those school grammatic lessons, that would be defined as a word which modifies a noun or pronoun because it describes or identifies.
(Pleasant. Agreeable. Respectable.) In laymans terms, its basically not being a prick or self-absorbed or someone who makes others cringe when they open the gumball drop theory of thought to spoken word.
and isnt it nice to hear: " he is a very pleasant person. in fact, so pleasant that i woul actually like to occupy more of my time with him as he is nice. He respects me."
"It was a satisfactory time. All was agreeable."
Do we see how these are all POSITIVE thinking patterns and sentences?
Simple enough, right? No. Apparently my definition is correct and some others are not. See, i think if your TRYING to be nice, kudos to you. You get a credit for at least fricking trying. Its really not that hard. Try to be nice. It really takes a hell of a lot less effort than its counterpart known as rude. So, lets see what that gets defined as:
rude adj 1 impolite; bad-mannered; discourteous. 2 roughly made; lacking refinement or polish • build a rude shelter. 3 ignorant, uneducated or primitive. 4 sudden and unpleasant • a rude awakening. 5 vigorous; robust • rude health. 6 vulgar; indecent • a rude joke. rudely adj. rudeness noun 1 being rude. 2 rude language or behaviour. rudery noun.
ah.. its an adjective as well. great, we dont have to cover that part again.
Laymans terms? Well, your an ass if anyone describes you as rude. YOU LACK REFINEMENT OR POLISH love that bit of the definition. IGNORANT. thats fantastic. VULGAR. incredible word to describe a noun or pronoun isnt it?
Now, although it may seem pointless, but let me point out that i certainly wouldnt want someone to tack my name (a noun) before the word RUDE. I would be appalled with myself and would need to rethink my strategy to life towards that particular person, situation, or moment.
I could give personal examples of rudeness, but to avoid being rude, i would rather you all just take a minute and come up with your own.. (ha ha)
Lately, I have observed that rudeness can attract other unsightly things into ones life. If a rude person continues to lash out at others and portrays ignorance upon others, doesnt that make people less likely to approach the individual? Maybe before the RUDE person has a go at the world for not "giving them the right chance" or whatever, they need to take stock in their own personal inventory. Sometimes the answer lies within.
And.. if you think this post is about you... well, start taking stock. OR you could go with the catch phrase of ignorance is bliss.. which in that case you think your perfect and wouldnt have a clue that i have placed letters subjectively to NAME all the rude people i encountered in last 32 days.


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