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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, im not sure whats up with this comment thing. I am working on it.

But, i have changed the location of the comment tag.. its now straight under the title of the days blog, or just above the stuff i write... find it? just click on it, and then a popup window should appear and you can leave a comment.

If you have google for an account (takes no time really to create an account, and its just so you can leave comments...) my suggestion is that if your planning on filling me in on teh inside goss or you want to contribute from time to time, create a google account. Easy as.

OpenID? use it. If you like of course.

Name/URL... i think its a google thing. i can just give myself a name and pop it in there adn type away. Easy Pezy.

Anon... this is the catch. at the moment i am having troubles getting the comments to appear. I am working on it. I moderate all ANON comments... tought. deal with it.

If you dont want to take the time for me to sort it out, or if you want to see your comments appear straightaway... then make a google account. For goodness sakes Neil... all talk and no action really will make you a dull boy! A lot of chit chat about the blog for a man who doesnt leave a comment... EVER!



Anonymous said...

is your comment thing working yet?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a wee girlie thing...... maybe if you got a man's help????
or is this thought police censorship by default???